mk vs dc voice chat?
  • hey guys i was wondering if you could voice chat on mk vs dc for ps3. i know you can txt chat but the box says bluetooth compatible. i create a room and my friends and i play but we havent figured out the voice chat yet. thanks in advance for any help.
  • With your headsets synced and on, connected to your system you should be able to chat away without having to do anything extra. You should see some sort of icon beside your respective names if things are hooked up correctly.

    With the headsets certain ports need to be open in the router port forwarding as well. Sony lists them as:

    TCP Port: 80
    * UDP Ports: 6000 - 7000, 50000, 10070
  • Thats what we thought but well get off of mw2 with it working fine and jump on here and nothing. no icon no voice. didn't know if it was something we were doing or a setting in the game or something? How do you open ports?
  • nevermind it started working. thanks a mil for your help :-)