60 GB CECHA01 won't play off hard drive
  • I have a 60 GB CECHA01 system. I downloaded demo off ps network and it downloaded and installed ok but when I tell system to play game screen goes blank and stays that way until I shut system off and turn it back on. Sytem boots ok and I get the main menus ok. The hard drive was replaced with 80gb and I formatted it before I updated to the new 3.15. It act like it changes video output or something and display goes away. I do not get any sound either and it never comes back unless I shut system off and restart it. I don't think it is the game download. Maybe something wrong with settings or something. Do you need the wireless 6 axis control to access soft boot to press ps button/
    Any help please?
  • You may need to doublecheck what output you want the PS3 to use. Make sure you have the tv set to the correct output then shut down the PS3 to put it in stand by. Now, hold down the power button on the PS3 and keep holding it until you hear a second "beep". This will have the system auto detect what to use.

    You may also want to doublecheck the resolutions you have checked for the video display. I'm wondering if you are using one that the game does not support (say, having the 1080 i or 1080p checked on its own). Most games run at 720p normally and if this isn't selected as an option as well you will wind up getting that black screen.
  • I have 2 ps3's I put the hard drive in the other ps3 and it plays downloaded games fine. I did system restore on one that will not play demos off hard drive and it still will not play demos. output is set to composite and 480. Must something wrong with mother board or something. After I play the demo on the other ps3 I cannot figure out how to get back to main screen on ps3 to do something else. I can get back to start of the demo to tell it to play but I cannot get back any farther to get to ps3 manin menu. I have to shut down ps3 and restart it get to ps3 menu screen is that normal? I don't have a wireless controller only wired off brand.