PS3 Causing Network Problems...
  • I recently bought a PS3, after having two Xbox 360s fail on me, and was excited by the free PSN feature. However, when I finally got a chance to try it out, I had a major problem. When I connect my PS3 to the network, regardless if it's wired or wireless, I lose internet connectivity to all the PCs on my network. This wouldn't be a huge deal if it were just me, but my roomates get pissed when I try to play my PS3 online. The problem persists until I shut off my PS3 or disconnect it from the network, then a minute or so later, connectivity is restored to the PCs.

    I quickly went about trying to find a solution. I tried updating the firmware, resetting my modem and router, and opening various ports on my router. Someone assured me that creating a static IP address that could not be assigned to the PS3 would fix it, but that didn't solve my problem either.

    After days of searching online I found out that this is a common problem amongst PS3 users, but nobody seemed to know how to fix it aside from just dealing with is and not using the PC and PS3 at the same time. Frustrated, I contacted Sony tech support, then after three days of waiting for a response, I received an email telling me that the problem was in my router and not in the PS3 (of course it isn't Sony's fault that everything works fine except the PS3).

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :D

    Router - Linksys WRT54G
    Modem - Linksys BEFCMU10
    PS3 Slim 120Gb
  • LOL Right after posting this, I decided to keep looking for a solution, and may have found one. Figured I would post the solution for people with this problem in the future.

    I ended up enabling DMZ on my router and disabling UPnP on my PS3, it seemed to fix the problem after inputting the setting manually.

    1. Go to your windows start menu, and type "CMD" in the search bar (Vista/7) or click run and type CMD (XP).
    2. A command prompt should appear, type "ipconfig". This list contains information you will need for the PS3
    3. Write down the "Subnet Mask" and "Default Gateway"

    4. Go to your router configuration page ( for linksys).
    5. Click the "Applications and Gaming" tab.
    6. Click on "DMZ" located just below step 2.
    7. Enable DMZ then choose a DMZ Host IP Address and write it down. worked for me.
    8. Save Settings.
    9. Click the "Status" tab.
    10. Write down the IP address for "DNS1" and "DNS2".

    11. Begin setting up PS3 network by using the "Custom" method as you normally would until you reach the "IP Address Settings" page.
    12. Make sure you click "Manual".
    13. Now you get to use all that information you wrote down.

    IP Address - Use the address you used for the DMZ Host
    Subnet Mask - This was listed in the Command Prompt. (Should look like " or")
    Default Router - This is the Default Gateway address you wrote down.
    Primary DNS - DNS1 address.
    Secondary DNS - DNS2 address.

    14. Choose "Automatic" for MTU.
    15. Choose settings for Proxy Server whether you use one or not.
    16. Choose "Disable" for UPnP.
    17. Now press "X" to save settings and test the connection.

    This is exactly what I did and it fixed my problem. Hopefully it will help someone else with the same problem I had.
  • Apparently this didn't fix my problem... It worked fine for a while then went back to its old routine. Any help would be appreciated!
  • This is a link to my how to. If you haven't tried it give it a try. I can be on with my PS3, 360, PC and laptop at the same time with no problems.