Cannot get out of Demo games after playing
  • I have a PS3 ceche01. After I play a demo on the my ps3 I cannot figure out how to get back to main screen on ps3 to do something else. I can get back to start of the demo to tell it to play again but I cannot get back any farther to get to ps3 manin menu. I have to shut down ps3 and restart it get to ps3 menu screen is that normal? I don't have a wireless controller only wired off brand. Any ideas or is this normal?
  • So where is the controller that normally would have come with your system? If that controller is made for the PS3 it should have a button that works as the PS button on the dualshock 3 controller- just give that a quick press and select to quit the demo from the menu.
  • No, this is not normal and more than likely a result of your use of a 3rd Party Controller.