• :confused: :confused: :confused: can you put an map for all the metorite pieces and can you get to the statue of liberty(spiderman3)(ps2)
  • :mad: sorry what i meant to say was can you give me a printable map for the where the metiorite pieces and how does spiderman get to the statue of liberty.
  • I googled for about an hour and could not find you any maps. I did find a walkthrough with the locations of the meteorite pieces. If you are interested let me know. As far as the statue of liberty goes apparently you can not go to it at all on the ps2 version.
    If you do not want to see the map or location of the meteorites, do not scroll down!

    Here is a map for ya:

  • :eek: :confused: :confused: :confused: thanks but this only has 60 metorite pieces? i thought there was 100
  • There is actually 100. This guide will lead to all. B)