• Im wondering how you would change youre PS3 gamer ID. I have seen other threads like this and it was explained that you would have to make a new id with a new email. I was just wondering if you could explain how to do that. I went in and changed my email address associated with my gamer id and it did nothing so I dont know how to do this to were it allows me to make a new gamer ID. I know that this will restart what ever progress I have made in any game that not a big deal the only thing that will be tough is writing down all the friends and get back into my online franchises on madden.
  • You have to set an entirely new user on your PS3 then, once you are logged in to the PS3 as that user, set up the new PSN account just like you did the first one. Head to the Account section of the XMB and select "sign up for the playstation network" and use the e-mail address for it that you want to.

    If you have anything purchased on the store leave your original user on the PS3 so that your new psn can access those as well. If you delete the original user you will also delete the license for those buys and have to re-purchase them.