• Can anyone help me on how to defeat Electro in the last level of this game.
  • This end bit is quite frustrating at times because electro is invulnerable for quite a while (way long enough to kick your ass anyway). First off, run / swing over to the big tower thingy where you'll find 4 conductors which you have to destroy. If you don't destroy these and you start to cause damage to Electro he will simply fly over to the tower and recharge all of his energy (yeah - that wipped the smile off my face the first time i actually thought i was wining!).

    Once you done the tower go over to the other side of the roof where there are four generators each with 2 capacitor type things either side - a quick bit of math will tell you that ya have to smash another 8 things before you can even dream about taking electro out! Just try to move around a lot and avoid Electro's strikes - you wont even be able to make him blink before you have taken the 8 capacitors out.

    When you have done this try and position yourself with one of the generator thingies between you and Electro. When he fires electricity at you he hits the generator he starts moaning and lands on the floor - he is completely vulnerable, but only for a few seconds.

    The key here is stick and move. When he goes down jump over to him, hit him with a couple of web balls and get the hell out of there (i usually webbed over to another one of the generators). Repeat the process and you'll have him whupped in no time!!!

    Remember - if you don't take the tower out first, he will simply regenerate when you start to hurt him!.

    Even when i had worked out what to do, it still took me a few attempts - just stick at it and you'll get there eventually!

  • Gideons right, you must take out the the 4 conductors on top of the tower before heading over to the 8 generators (2 in each corner) and taking them out (using spiked web punches and kicks).