• It is said that we all have 8 different intelligences.

    * Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence
    * Interpersonal Intelligence
    * Intrapersonal Intelligence
    * Linguistic Intelligence
    * Logical-Mathematical Intelligence
    * Musical Intelligence
    * Naturalist Intelligence
    * Spatial Intelligence

    Still, the only one you get credited to be smart from is the Logical-Math type, probably cus it's the only one we can messure.

    What makes somebody smart?

    How come fat people are seen upon as dumber then others?
    How come beutiful people can surprise others by being Math-Logical clever?

    Why doesn't the schools teach kids how to encrease all of their intelligences?

    Will todays "smart" people be cocidered stupid in the future?
    What intelligence will take the highest rank position away from math-logic?

    Are athletes geniuses?

    Share your thoughts.
  • You have two the same there Manne. And I think that people might look upon us stupid in the future, but only because they will have a better education. We don't look at Einstien as stupid do we? Anyone can be smart, it's just up to them if they are up to it! :)
  • You can tell me that I am lacking in intelligence but can you explain the 8 intelligences?

    Common sense makes up some of what others view someone's intelligence.

    Here we have a perfect example right here in the Forum. We get a new member and they start spamming everywhere about everything. They get warned and the new member continues this behaviour. We assume that they are maybe not as smart as the rest of us based on this fact alone. They could have got straight A's in school but because they simply were lacking in a little (ok, a lot of) common sense we assume that they are stupid.

    I don't think that we will think that the smart people of today will be seen as stupid in the future. Are Leonardo Di Vinci, the Wright Brothers or Thomas Edison are stupid by today's standards?

    Athletes are smart, well some of them anyway. They have to be smart or else they would not be good at what they do.
  • "It's better to be silent and be thought of as stupid, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."-Albert Einstein

    That quote should answer the question of would today's smart people be considering stupid in the future.

    I could give you an answer as to why beautiful people can surprise people with their mathematical-logical skills...but it'd get to personal.

    I will answer more as I come up to them. I will have to think this one through. <_< </span>
  • Intelligence can't be gauged by how much/little one knows but rather how one uses what they know. Nowadays "smartness" is measured by how much one knows but in actuality, what i have said above is much more indicative of what truly makes someone "smart".

    I didn't know that fat people were looked upon like that but i guess that's why people are especially surprised with what i know. I guess with weight comes to mind the term laziness which many "fat" people tend to be described as which would make it very hard for them to gain much intelligence at all.

    Why aren't kids taught how to increase intelligence? Well, why don't we all know the meaning of life? Because the answer lies within yourself. The only person that can tell you how to increase your intelligence is yourself, and no one else.

    As i have said before, intelligence is based on how one uses their knowledge so no matter what year it is, If one uses their knowledge to increase their surroundings then they know true intelligence and no one will deny them that. Whenever you look back, you will always see people that have furthered their surroundings, those are the people with the most intelligence.

    Being an athlete doesn't change how well one uses their knowledge, therefore not effecting their intelligence. Many professional athletes(not all of them) are the "smartest" people you'll ever meet and many of them are very intelligent.

    To sum things up, you can't gauge intelligence by looks or by how smart one is. It's all about how one uses that knowledge that gauges their intelligence. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting andh ave fun gaming.
  • I've met many people who couldn't pass a sixth grade math test, yet were uncommonly gifted. Though I suppose that deals with talent more than intelligence, maybe the two overlap in many senses. In that, to show talent for a particular activity is often referred to as "brilliant", or "genius", yet we know that it's not an accurate representation of intelligence, as we have come to know the Idiot-Savant .

    Measuring intelligence (IQ tests) is a tricky and often misleading exercise, though I think in some ways it measures the ability to absorb and utilize information well.

    "Stupid is as stupid does."

    -F. Gump
  • Here is a link to what the intelligences mean, in case you are not smart enough to figure it out your self ;) .

    I have to comment on madhtrs post, about the fat stupidity and the athletes.
    I have read quite some material on different studies in how prejudice people really is.
    In one of these studies the persons were given pictures of many diffferent looking folk and was ask to say what qualitys they belived these people had.
    Fat people never was mentioned as inteligent.

    As for the atheletes, if you recognize bodily intelligence as an intelligence you pretty soon understand that a man/woman that can use their body in the way an athlete can is pretty gifted in that department.
  • Originally posted by tonygillis@Apr 18 2003, 10:34 PM
    You have two the same there Manne. And I think that people might look upon us stupid in the future, but only because they will have a better education. :)

    Tony - intra and inter mean different things ;)

    As for the future yeilding 'better' education, i would have to disagree. If you compare education standards from 20 years ago to present time, i would have to say that people nowadays seem far less 'educated' than back then. The amount of skills and the base of knowledge appears more restricted and levels of common sense certainly haven't improved ;). Just look at levels of spelling and grammer of the average 13 year old today compared with a 13 year old 20 years ago

  • Fascinating subject matter there Manne!
    1: What makes some people 'smarter' than others? Well, that is such an individualised thing, it really depends on the circumstances of each individual's upbringing, background et al.

    2: Why are overweight people thought of as dumber than those who are not? I can only guess, but I don't look at people like that, so I'd only be guessing. I tend to form opinions of people firstly by looking at his/her face; what expression do they tend to carry on their faces and all that. Then, it goes into how they express themselves in other ways, both verbally and non-verbally.
    I've met many overweight people in my line of work, and the first thing that strikes me is their faces and how they carry themselves.
    If someone comes into the office with a confident stride, head held high and a ready smile, I often see them as an intelligent person who is comfortable and confident in that. Of course I'm not always right! ;)

    3: Why can 'beautiful' people surprise others by being math-logical smart? Ya got me on that one..... ^^see above^^.

    4: I believe we are all born with certain tendencies towards different things, some toward the arts, some toward maths, and all the rest. To expect all people to be able to be as 'brilliant' as everyone else in all things is just Phoooey!! We're all different, so I believe that schools should find what each individual is good at and focus on that.
    Of course, to have such an individualised education system will never happen, but, one can dream!! :D

    5: I do not believe that people of today will necessarily be thought of as less intelligent, say 100 years from now. Examples have been given. We have to realize, though, that, back in the day of the Wright brothers, Einstein and the rest, there was sooooooo much to be 'invented', these days it seems that the biggest inovations are in weaponry and medicine. Let's face it, there are just not that many 'purple cows' anymore!!

    To sum it up, we all have our own potential and it seems to me that the 'smart ones' are the ones who make the most of theirs, while the 'less smart' ones do not. It's not based on what you look like, but what you do with what you've got!

    Thank you.

    ***steps down from her soapbox***
  • [quote]Originally posted by Steve F STAFF@Apr 19 2003, 02:17 PM
    [b] Unfortunately most uber smart people I
  • Originally posted by Steve F STAFF@Apr 19 2003, 05:17 AM
    Just look at levels of spelling and grammer of the average 13 year old today

    Or the spelling and grammar of the average Mod. today. :P