cannot start. the correct hard disk was not found. PLEASE HELP
  • hey,

    so i turned on my ps3 today after its been working fine for the last 2 years. today it doesnt come on but a message comes up "Cannot start. The correct disk was not found"

    i've looked all over the net im gettin a headache with the stress but nothings worked. i've restarted, i've reset, i've left it plugged out for a while and all the other general stuff. iv tried it with and without a game. i've taken out the hard drive and put it back in which alot of people have suggest online. i've also tried to get into safe mode but it doesnt work i get the same message as before except its on the black screen of safe mode.

    if anyone can help id be very grateful this is seriously annoying im waiting to crack open bioshock 2!!