Future Hollidays
  • Read an interesting thing today.
    Now I don't mean to make this a for or against the war topic, but someone had made some rather clever parallels between the faiths of Jesus and Saddam.
    Such as they both were leading a sort of struggle against the most powerfull regime in the world and so on.

    The content was that a thousen years or so after being hunted down and killed Jesus and his ideas were being (and still is) what makes up pretty much all of our great hollidays.
    Come to think about it, we really don't know if easter, in the future, will be held to celebrate the sacrifice Saddam had to make in order for people to get their eyes opened to whatever.

    Some might say, "How awful" but after a thousen years, who remembers who did what and what for?

    That's it, I hope you understand that I don't really mean anything by this post other then to forward something to play with in your mind. But if not, as Johnny Storm would say, flame on.