PES 2009 Connection Problem
  • PES 2009 online... Could some1 advise please having problems in connection.... have downloaded new version. but still states when connect udp port no available... cheers
  • You may need to do a bit more tweaking of your port forwarding on the router, willwait. Besides the ones that should normally be open (which we have listed in the very first thread of the PS3 Hardware and Accessory section) PEs also needs to have UDP port 3658 open. This is for traffic specifically to/ from Konami's servers. Open this and you should be good to go.
  • PS3 Hardware takes me to a company web page.... what i am suppose to do? Servers what i am to do..... I went on to fire wall and added port for 3658... is this the correct way? how does 1 change ports plz....

  • You must have been going to the wrong link, the PS3 Hardware and Accessory forum is just below the PS3 Games forum.

    Anyway, this is the thread I was talking about. Now, in that thread is a link to a site that give guidance on getting into router settings and putting in the ports. Just select the model of router you are using then click on "PlayStation Network" on the next page. It will show how to log into your router, where to click to get to port forwarding and where you put the numbers.