No wireless connectivity, 8001000A error
  • I need help, I cannot connect to the internet via my wireless router. I notice the wireless light on the PS3 is not on. I turned off the console and unplugged it but nothing happened. I have verified the connection setting are set to wireless and connectivity is enabled. Can anyone help?
  • That code comes up, according to Sony's error code tool, as "failed when transferring data to an external storage device".

    If you don't have any sort of memory card reader or external drive on there you may need to turn off the PS3, go into the hard drive bay then pull out the hard drive. Put it right back in and make sure it is in as securely as it can be then start it up again.
  • I removed the harddrive and it still did not work. There are no external devices plugged into my PS3. Any other suggestions or ideas?
  • If removing and re-seating the hard drive did not work then you will want to contact Sony about repairs, it would seem something is not as it should be with your machine.