• i have a ps3 with 80gb and wen i go to my systemoptions i see my hard disk 70 gb free and 60 gb in use how can this be???
    and i have formateerd over 4,5 ouhr so my ps3 is emty

    and is it normal that above your gamessave stands ps1/PS2 memorystick free 8mb and for i think
  • A couple of things to remember is the formatting of a hard drive will take a portion of the space to set up the file "table" which organizes what is where on the drive for whatever is accessing it. Between this and the fact that hard drive sizes are usually quioted using a lower number than what is actually in a GB results in actually seeing a less amount of space available.

    If you are seeing 60 GB/ 70 GB this means you actually have 60 GB available to use now- that is not used space.

    As for the virtual memory cards, it is normal for the PS2 "card" to say 8 GB as this was the regular size of the actual cards a PS2 uses.