Problems with DLC from another region?
  • I'm planning on importing a game from Europe (I live in NA) but I'm just wondering... will there be any problems with me downloading anything from the PSN? I've heard tell that there might be problems having to do with my PSN account being American but the game being European and not allowing me to download anything. Is there any truth to this? For that matter, will there be any other issues involving me importing the game, like problems with trophies? (I've heard of that too.)

  • You won't have any problems with trophies BUT you will have possible problems with DLC for the game. Add-ons such as maps, character skins, new levels, etc. are region coded to where the disc was originally meant for. If you are importing a Japanese version of the game, for example, you could only use the add-ons from the Japanese store.
  • Ah okay thanks. Is there any way to access the European store with an American account? :/
  • No there isn't. You'll need to set up a second user on your PS3 using a different e-mail address and snag a street address from somewhere in the UK to put in there. After that you'll wind up having to buy PSN cards for that region via import sites or eBay to put the cash in. The various stores will only take credit cards from their same region.
  • here you go. all the info you need for a UK account

    Street Address 1 10 Queens berry south Kesington.
    City london
    Postal Code w112bq
    Country/Region United Kingdom