tomb raider underworld
  • How do u get the gate open to get thor's glove ?
  • As in the room near the start of the NIFLHEIM area, the 2 pressure pads here control the gate, but at this point you have nothing to hold them down. Go to the corner of the room to the right of the gate when facing it.

    If you have Training Text enabled in the Game Options menu, it explains how to chimney jump: Position Lara facing the brown, carved column with her back to the wall and the hole in the wall above and behind her. When you do this, the camera shifts to Lara's left. Jump to the left (i.e., forward relative to Lara but left on the control stick). As soon as Lara makes contact with the brown column, press Jump again to spring back toward the wall behind her. Continue pressing Jump each time Lara touches one of the surfaces to make her jump back to the other wall. Do this four times in all to reach the opening in the wall. After the first jump you can release the control stick, but the move should work even if you continue to hold it.

    Drop down into the next room. Here you'll find 2 small, carved blocks and another pressure pad. Pick up one of the small blocks by standing near it and pressing Interact (Triangle). Then stand on the pressure pad, which opens the door leading back to the gate room. Step to the edge of the pad nearest the door, face it squarely and then press (R2), the same key used to throw grenades, to toss the block through the door. Repeat with the second block. Then stand at the edge of the pad and run or roll forward through the doorway before the door closes.

    Place the 2 small blocks on one of the pressure pads on either side of the gate. You'll need both blocks on one pad to weigh it down. Doing this retracts one part of the gate's locking mechanism. Grapple the metal ring on the gate and then, with the cable still attached, move Lara onto the other pressure pad to retract the second part of the mechanism. Now pull on the cable (Triangle) to yank the gate out of the doorway.

    Go through and approach THOR'S LEFT GAUNTLET. Press Interact to take it.