I Replaced laser mech - But only SOME ps3 games load now? EXPERT TECH NEEDED
  • This is a very interesting issue I have a ps3 backwards compatible 80gb CECHA01. It did not play or read or load any ps3 games, bluray movies, dvds, ps2 or ps games. I did a full system restore and updated the Firmware to the newest version 3.15. Still it did not play anything, games did not spin either. The load clock in the upper right hand corner behaved like it was loading and then wouldn
  • It sounds like a faulty or substandard Laser Reader. You will need to replace it as you are correct, the issue does NOT sound like a Firmware issue in the least.
  • I have contacted the seller of the new Laser Reader/Mech and will be getting another to replace it with. Funny thing was I was not able to play COD MW2 and when I tilted the machine upwards it played. SOme other games that did not play played when I tapped the machine, others that did work now dont. SOme games only play when the machine is setting a certain way. It seems the laser reader or track is off. I am excited to see if the new one corrects the issue. Thank you for your assistance.