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  • Hi I just want to post a question regarding not remembering my PS3 password, secret questions, and birthdate. I let my son enter the info and he made up fake info and can't remember any of them. He selected remember me, so he can log in to play but I need to access the account information. I have 5 dollar charges showing up on my bank statement from PSN when we are not even using the PS3..I am in dire straights and need some help very quickly. I would be obliged if you could help me with this matter and let me know how to post a new post...Thank you.
  • I'm afraid you will need to contact Sony themselves regarding the charges on your credit card or contact the bank itself to let them know those charges are not from you. Sony does not charge for PSN itself- you would only see charges if the credit card is on the account to fund the wallet and he (or someone else on the PS3) are buying items from the PlayStation Store. The toll free number for Sony in North America is 1-800-345-7669.

    As for posting a new question, it is done just like you did here. The main thing in the Customer Service section as well as the Game Comments areas is the new posts are "moderated", which means myself or another staff member has to approve the post before it is can be seen by all. If you have any questions regarding PS3 games they can be posted in the PS3 Game Help section while console/ internet access questions go into the PS3 Hardware and Accessory section. You will find these about half way down the main forum page.
  • candicealex said:
    I let my son enter the info and he made up fake info and can't remember any of them.

    How old is your son...and why would you allow him to do so in the first place? :eek:

    Unfortunately you will have to contact SONY regarding this matter, as well as your bank/card issuer. This may prove to be very difficult to resolve with SONY as, naturally, they do not and will not simply release information to those who call with these and similar circumstances.