Happy Easter
  • Hello,

    On this fine spring day with the world in turmoil, I'm just wishing everyone here at APi a happy Easter. I don't care about your religious affiliations, and I don't care where you're from, and I don't care about your political views. No matter what, I'm hoping that for today, you were happy.

    As Mr. Tolkien wrote:

    I don't know half of you as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve

    But as I said earlier, I don't care who you are, or how you think and feel, and I hope that you had a nice day
  • Actually WreckinBall, today went well for being a sunday and all.

    This was one of the first sundays in a couple weeks that I was able to actually rest.
  • Happy Easter, to you too WB!!! :)
    And to everybody else here also!!!!!!

    The house is littered with foil trimmings, and sticky gorged children :blink: .....Glad Easter only comes round once a year!!!!
  • Happy Easter everyone!!!!!!!!
  • Happy belated Easter to all. This was the first year I had children in my house, so after coloring and hiding four dozen eggs in the 5 acres I have to work with, the children had a blast and so did I watching them. It was a wonderful day. :)
  • I gave up on the christian religion a while ago but I still enjoyed easter.Seeing family,easter eggs and fun!

  • We had a very nice Easter as well... and a belated HAPPY EASTER BUNNIES to you all too!! :)

    It started with a very nice and uplifting church service, then a leisurely drive to Ma in Law's house for a scrumptious dinner and games!! Ma won in Scrabble, but I won Scattergories!! (I always do!! :P )
    WONDERFUL cherry cheese cake for dessert... all in all a great day!!!

    I hope everyone else's was a good as mine!
  • Happy Easter to all.
  • Happy easter everyone!!!!

    mine went well,.............lots of chocolate
  • Had a great easter. Perfect weather in sunny Adelaide. All the family got together at my parents and we ate, drank and was very merry. All the kids gorged themselves after the easter egg hunt and as usual my dad will be finding eggs in the garden for the next few months :woot: