• Can u help me! I'm stuck in a dantes inferno stage after i beat the gluttony monster the floor falls and im stuck just going thru portals that never get me nowhere! I'm frustrated w this since ive been at this level for days now! PLZ someone help me get out of here!!
  • this is a walkthrough for greed.

    Talk to Virgil before hopping across the moving platforms towards the molten pool of gold. Continue to use the platforms to get to the top; the gold will kill you, so beware.

    Pull the lever here and an ambush will occur. You need to deal with these enemies fast since the molten gold is rising beneath you. Use magic and instant kills abundantly. When the burning Minions appear, hit them with Holy Cross to douse them and then destroy them with your Scythe.

    The lever should appear once the enemies are defeated. Pull it and cross the bridge to the save point. Above the spinning gears is a visible member of Hell's most infamous denizens. To reach her you'll need to employ some deft platforming skills.

    Use the highest gear on the right to jump to the gear on the left. From here you can barely reach the gear recessed in the wall above. Between you and Tarpeia (Damned 9) is a vertical gear. You need to hop past this and then quickly double back in mid-air to reach the platform with Tarpeia on it. Absolve or, preferably, Punish her for making you perform this difficult maneuver.

    It's probably a good idea to return to the save point after this. Cross the gears to the health and magic and stock up. Enter the demon door ahead.

    The Hoarder-Wasters you encounter here are briefly invincible as they spin about the room. You can stop their spinning with the Righteous Path spell. However, you can also just avoid them by moving or by initiating instant-kills on nearby Minions. You'll be invincible during the Absolve/Punish animations.

    You may want to use Redemption when things get rough in this room. After the battle, hop onto the ledge with the visible lever and grab the Silver Piece (Silver Piece 14) in the fountain.

    Activate the lever on the ledge to create a path through some spikes above you and then quickly activate the lever in the room below.

    Dash back to the ledge and climb up just before the guillotine platform comes smashing down. Get on top of it and take it up to the still-open spikes. Don't jump through the spikes yet, though! Double jump to the right to score the Demon's Wing Relic (Relic 17/31). Repeat the process with the two levers and this time jump through the spikes at the top before they close. Take the elevator down. You'll come upon a large room with a spinning blade. Ignore the blade and hop to the floor below. Exterminate the enemies and then grab the Souls in the fountain. Another fountain contains a Silver Piece (Silver Piece 15).

    Now, climb up the damned to return to the upper area. You can move across the platforms in the room by jumping over the spinning blade carefully. Move in a clockwise direction and take advantage of the pauses the blade makes by jumping quickly across the platforms.

    On the far side, open the demon door and pull the lever. This will stop the blade. Return to the blade room and hop to the platform on the right to Punish/Absolve Gessius Florus (Damned 10).

    Jump onto the middle platform to obtain the Wasted Gold Relic (Relic 18/31). Save in the next area.

    The hallway with the lever is a dangerous place. As soon as you pull the lever, the walls will slowly begin to close in. Additionally, blades will begin to spin about the edges of the room.

    Your goal here is to turn the crank enough to allow access to the room on the right. As you turn the crank, a door will open. Get a head start on this before the Guardian Demons attack you. Try to knock the demons into the path of the blades and quickly return to the crank. The blades will eliminate the Guardian Demons immediately, so they are a great asset.

    You can bring down the gate extremely fast if you keep the Demons away. Slip through it and you'll find yourself in a room with an Asterian Beast. Circle the room and grab the Souls from the fountains -- you won't get another chance to get these!

    Run from one side of the room to the other and hopefully the Beast will keep itself occupied destroying the other enemies. You can toss the exploding Minions into the beast by grabbing them and then aiming them at it.

    When you are ready to leave, hit the beast until the prompt appears above it. Capture the beast and kill the remaining enemies.

    Now, approach the large doors and open them to continue. Run into the next room, leaving your steed behind. Talk to Virgil and then climb the wall of the damned behind him. Instead of climbing up to the ledge, climb around the wall in a clockwise direction. You'll be able to drop down to a secret area with the Coin of Plutus Relic (Relic 19/31)

    In another secret area you can access via the same wall is a fountain containing a Silver Piece (Silver Piece 16). Climb up to the platform above where Virgil stood and walk to the edge. You can grapple a distant point from here.

    Swing across to the rope stretching over the molten gold and jump over to it. It's kinda tough to grab the rope, and we were finally able to do it by double-jumping at the last possible moment, then falling onto the rope. It took a few tries; annoying!

    On the other side, grab the health from the fountain and then confront the Throne Demon. This creature is little more than a Guardian Demon with more armor than usual. You can block its combos but you'll have to dodge the final thrust it makes.

    Use magic if you need to. Eventually you'll be able to finish the Throne Demon off with a Punish/Absolve prompt. Search the fountain beyond the gate that opens for a Silver Piece (Silver Piece 17).

    Pull the lever and return to the platform you fought the Demon on. It will begin to move as enemies appear about you. None of the foes you encounter will be new, so use familiar strategies to take them out. The Hoarder-Wasters can be stopped with a blast of the Righteous Path magic.

    Jump to the adjacent platform when your platform starts to flip. After a few more enemies the platform will stop. Hop below to restock your health and mana meters. Jump onto the central platform and pull the lever. A fireball will clear the pile of bodies obscuring another lever. The latter lever turns the fireball-shooting platform. You'll need to use this is a moment, but for now you'll have to contend with several Throne Demons. Since there is a pit of molten metal at the center of this area, you should try to use the Righteous Path magic to push the Demons into it for an instant kill. This makes things quite easy. Otherwise you may need to use Redemption to get through this tough battle.

    Use the lever on the ground to rotate the platform to the right and then hop onto it. Pull the lever on the platform to fire to the right. A large block will fall into the lava, giving you a boost up to a secret spot on the right.

    Climb up here for a Silver Piece (Silver Piece 18). Now turn the fireball-spewing platform all the way to the left and fire it again. Climb up to the save point.

    On the other side of the demon door, run down the pathway and talk to Virgil. Just past him is a large area under the watchful gaze of a colossal gold statue. Destroy the enemies here using now-familiar techniques and a lever will appear.

    Plutus, God of Wealth

    Pulling the lever makes a platform raise out of a rotating disc in the center of the room. You need to rotate this disc to the left. Doing so will inevitably make four platforms appear. The platforms are temporary, but you need to use them to reach a high platform on the statue.

    One of the taller platforms has decorative limbs long its side preventing you from making the leap from it to where you need to be. You'll have to use the other of the two taller platforms. This means you'll be doing quite a bit of rotating.

    With the platforms in place, hop up to the statue's platforms and save at the Beatrice Statue above. Enter the nearby door.

    Cross the rope and talk to Virgil on the other side. Walk to the edge of the platform where you encounter Virgil and use the button prompt to grapple across the wide abyss. Climb the wall on the far side to the very top.

    You'll soon come to a giant gold wheel. The enemies you encounter here range from Throne Demons to Seductresses of Lust. You'll probably want to use Redemption here since the fight seems to last for an eternity.

    Ignore the Glutton and take out the faster enemies, leaving it on the opposite side of the level. After the battle, grab the Souls from the fountain on the left and leave via the passage to the right of the wheel. Swing over to the gears using the prompt given. Dash under the first crushing pillar. Double jump to the left past the next pillar. Enter the door on the other side. Near the Beatrice Statue you can stock up on mana and health. Talk to Fulvia (Damned 11) and Absolve or Punish her.

    Save and take the elevator down. Pull the lever on the left once you reach the bottom. This will raise a nearby platform with an Asterian Beast on it. Nail it with attacks until it weakens and you can commandeer it. The upgraded Holy Cross is extremely useful for felling the Asterian Beasts. Just keep your distance and unleash Holy Crosses from safety.

    As soon as you mount the Beast, a second rider will come down the elevator and attempt to hijack your ride. Immediately start mashing the correct button when you are prompted to shake the aggressor off. If you don't you'll have to fight your way back up!

    Once in control of the beast, approach the cube at the edge of the area and push it out of the way. Walk through the door and climb the wall.

    Use the walls to get back to the giant gold statue room. Here you'll meet many more riders competing for your steed. Try to preempt their attacks with ground pounds and grabs. If they throw you off it's bad news, so be ready to mash that button when they begin to climb the Beast!

    A large cube appears on the left side of the area once all the enemies are dispatched. Drag the cube to the right and look for a depression to set it on.

    When you put it in place, the statue will lower. Climb the wall on the right and gap-jump across the top of the statue before it rises again.

    Use the walls to return to the area with the giant wheel. Destroy all the enemies here -- you should know the drill by now -- and then approach the wheel and hit the button prompted. This battle is fairly tough, and only a mixture of Holy and Unholy attacks can help you get through unscathed. Alighiero's early attacks consist of unblockable jabs at close range and a cross he tosses like a boomerang. You can block the latter fairly effectively.

    You want to get right up in Alighiero's face for the first portion of the fight. Use Scythe combos on him and dash away when he winds up to attack. You'll have to learn his animations and roll with his jabs to stay unscathed.

    After you hit him a bit he'll kneel, stunned. Attack him with heavy combos until he rises. After this he'll begin to use a new, extremely annoying attack. Alighiero will plant a sword (or two!) in the ground. If you hit it with your attacks it will send out damaging rings. This means you'll be force to use ranged attacks.

    Stay far away from Alighiero and send Holy Cross (hopefully upgraded!) at him repeatedly, staying clear of the planted sword. He'll still toss out his boomerang cross but with less frequency.

    You should unleash magic on him now and even Redemption to make things really fast. Otherwise, keep your distance, dashing around and getting in Holy Cross shots when you can.

    It's a slow process, but he'll soon be stunned again -- unfortunately a planted sword will thwart direct attacks so you'll have to continue your Holy Cross bombardment. For the last segment of the fight, Alighiero will use an extremely powerful close range attack that involves some sort of magic burst.

    You can avoid this entirely by remaining at the perimeter of the battle area. Direct shots at him until he falls. You'll be rewarded with a new magic spell: Sins of The Father. You'll also receive the Eye of Alighiero Relic (Relic 20/31).

    Head towards the health fountain and Beatrice Statue and, before saving, search for a secret area just to the left with the Hoarder's Purse Relic (Relic 21/31).

    Enter the demon door and throw the switch on the circular platform. The flying enemies can be dealt with using instant kill attacks or Holy Cross. A few more enemies appear on the far side. After disposing of them, gather supplies from the fountains and pull the lever that appears in the middle of the area.

    Slide down the rope and, at the bottom, drop and then quickly grapple the glowing point to the left. Swing and double-jump to the next rope and take the series of ropes ever downward. You'll need to break the link of another giant chain as you drop down.