call of duty world at war ps3
  • hi i am at the stage were i have to go through the bunkers at wanna ridge but i cant find a way through ive tried one hint shoot all my own men but it didnt work can you help please pete:confused:
  • PART 2: Eliminate the 200mm Guns (3 of 3)

    Soon, it will be time to use your Satchel Charges. If you already did, worry not, as there's an unlimited supply of them next to the pond you've just set foot in. Should you ever run out, return to this place (the pool in front of the Scoped Arisaka spawn) to replenish your supplies.

    Make your way west-southwest. You'll encounter more soldiers and two mounted machine gunners. After gradually thinning out the numbers of the former, you'll need to run northwest to their fortified bunker and burn the latter. Fortunately, there's a window on their northeast side that you can fire your Flamethrower through. Once the soldiers are dead, toss in a Satchel Charge, run far away, and detonate it. That'll spell the end of the first 200mm gun set.

    From there, take a narrow pathway at your left (south-southwest). Head straight till you reach a wall where a dead soldier's dangling, and you'll find a Death Card. Collect it, then hide behind cover. Using your Scoped Arisaka, dispatch of any Japanese soldiers up ahead, and then march toward the next bunker (northwest of you). Along the way, more foes will try to stop you; kill them, then burn out the men manning the 200mm guns. Once again, you'll want to lob a Satchel Charge inside of that area and detonate it.

    There's only one 200mm bunker left, and many foes will rush out to defend it. If you retreat to the southeast and snipe them from afar, it's doubtful they'll even notice you. When you've cleared out a reasonable amount, approach the final bunker to make another wave of soldiers appear, then immediately return to your safe place. Using your trusty Scoped Arisaka, eliminate the remainder, and then approach the last bunker. Destroy anything lurking within via Flamethrower, then explode it with your last Satchel Charge.