teather smartphone or ipod touch to PS3
  • Hello people,

    I've been trying to mess with my PS3's bluetooth, attempting to link my Nokia e71 and ipod touch to my ps3. I would like share music and photos with my PS3. I've pretty much tried everything I can think of to no avail , so if anybody can offer something of interest in this category feel free...:cool:

  • Neither device will work with the PS3 via bluetooth. You may be able to get things working somewhat by using the USB cable instead. Looking at my own iPod Touch I do not believe there is any bluetoooth capability to it in the first place. Also, you will want to make sure of the music file format as the PS3 may not play items you purchased from the iTunes store.
  • Hello,

    Yeah I figured that. I got my ipod touch to see my phone but wont stay connected.
    Do you know anything about the PS3 as far as download speed and network card or hardware...
    basically seems to download the demo's one at a time pretty quick regardless of the size. Updates go pretty quickly but when I attempt to download a rented movie I never get to watch it and the DL stops at less than 100%. I have used both wired and wireless connection with the same results.
    Also Is it possible to change the network card or hardware in the PS3? I would just like to actually use the system to DL movies and watch them.


    Kudos: this seems to be the best PS3 based website I've come across
  • Your download speed would be determined by how good your internet provider is, not the PS3 itself. As for the hardware, that is all built into the PS3's main board- things like the wi-fi are not interchangeable cards like you would have in a PC.