getting ps3 online with sprint air card
  • i need help getting online with my sprint air card i hooked a ethernet cord from my comp to my ps3 turned firewall off and its not working
  • Matt, you need to turn on internet connection sharing on your computer. A quick Google search for that along with whatever your computer is running (Windows XP, windows 7, etc.) will find you the answers.
  • do i got turn it on through my sprint air card
  • No, this is in settings within Windows itself. Like I said, do a quick Google search for "internet connection sharing" plus whatever version of Windows you are using and you'll find all sorts of pages on how it is done.
  • it still is saiding obtain ip address failed
  • how do i check the ip address on my computer and the dns and dns2 to make sure there rite
  • Bring up the Command Prompt in the Windows Start menu and type ipconfig /all to see the DNS servers.

    After doing a bit of searching around it is possible you may need to actually get yourself a router that wil work with that card to share its connection and the PS3 would connect to the router instead. Also, if you do not have unlimited data with that you could find yourself using up your allotment rather quickly with the PS3- you may want to look into other connection methods like cable or DSL.
  • i have unlimited i have a employe plan. its not pulling up. i seen u talkin to someone on here who did it this way
  • Matt,

    Using a Sprint PCS Card (EVDO) is a little different from using WiFi from a wireless router connected to DSL or cable. You need a specific type of router compatible with the EVDO card.

    The aircard 595u is a USB EVDO modem. EVDO is the internet service Sprint and Verizon use for there wireless cards and cellphone internet. Most other carriers broadcast using GPRS) use EDGE, 3G, or HSDPA.

    Not entirely sure how or even if this is possible with the Sprint Card.