Ps3 doens't recognize TV
  • My PS3 comes on but the TV doesn't recognize it. There is nothing on the screen. I can feel it running
  • Do you have your TV set to whichever external input the PS3 is connected to? Most TV's have this option when you hook up peripherals such as gaming consoles, DVD players, etc.

    It really is difficult to say with this broad of a question. If the above does not solve your issue, please be more specific as to what is happening or not happening, how you have everything configured, etc. It is easier for us to offer assistance when we are given as much information as possible.
  • The PS3 was playing fine for the longest time and then I was playing a game and it froze and ever since then when I turn on the game nothing comes up on the screen. I tried holding the on/off button but that doesn't work.