firefox warning!!!
  • there is something very fishy going on with my firefox today. when I try to go to I get a sign notice before the page even loads. It says ( A username and password are being requested by The site says: "Lithium" ). I don't know why this is happening. Even when I used google to find answers it poped up as soon as I hit the link. This is not the sign in on the site, it is requesting my username and password before I even get on the page. I would advise that no one give there info if they get the sign in that I am talking about until we figure out what is going on. This could very well be a phishing scam.:huh:
  • No, this is not a "Phishing" scam. I too was experiencing the same, and after some digging, I have discovered that the forums have been locked by the Board Admins while they undergo testing and some maintenance.

    Look for them to be up and going before too long, unless, of course, they have totally screwed things up.....and we know that would never happen. :rolleyes:

    I can tell you already that I do not like the new look of the site however.

    As of 11:30am PST, the forums on are working fine on my end.