My first 80710b23 Error
  • Hi PS3 gurus,

    I encountered my 1st 80710b23 error 2 days ago (infact its my 1st error) after 1 year without problems. Before that it was all good. Last I logged in was before the leap year bug issue with the phat version somewhere mid of Feb.

    I've read many threads about 80710b23 error and was wondering if PSN is currently down or too busy to respond. I had never tweak my router settings and had tried to unplug and replug everything as mentioned. Even tried MTU settings at 1492 - 1500 and optimizing my routers TCP/IP. My wireless signal is 100% as the wireless router is just 1 meter way from my PS3.

    Test results:

    IP - suceeded
    Internet - suceeded
    PSN - failed
    UPnP: -
    NAT Type -

    No problem with ip and internet, just failed to sign in PSN - time out. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.