• ... After almost every game played online..., when its over the game freezes and you have to turn your ps3 off improperly...i ve done that about 8 times already....And i know its not just me bc a few of my friends are having the same problem... I was wondering what to do bc I dont want to ruin my ps3..the only way to turn it off is by turning the switch bc of it freezing up...i cant press the middle ps3 button bc it doesnt work once it freezes....
  • Try holding down the power button on the front of the PS3 instead- after a few seconds this will shut it down as well (and it's a bit easier on the PS3 instead of suddenly cutting off the power like that with the back switch). As for what to do, it's hard to say if the game is the cause or something with the PS3 itself. Have the gaming sessions been somewhat long (as in hours)? If so you may want to scale back a bit as it may be a heat problem.
  • Unfortunately MLB: The Show 10 has some BAD glitches in it, the one you described being one of them, unfortunately.

    Sadly, there is not too much you can do except to wait for a patch...you know, one of those things becoming too common with games being released when they are only semi-functional.

    ...which is why I am still playing '09; I am NOT about to blow $60+ on a game that has this many bugs & glitches. Shoot, they didn't even fix all the ones in '09 before they pumped out '10, with even more glitches and issues.

    As Lyndon explained above, just turn it off on the front of the console.