playstation network failed when i run internet connection test
  • Hi everyone, I'm new and I need your help.

    First of all let me explain my setup. I have cable internet, and my modem is connected to a linksys WRT54GS router.

    If I connect my PS3 with an Ethernet cable from my router, the ps3 connects super fast without any problems. When I go to Network settings in the PS3 and I do a internet connection test everything succeeds super fast, and I get NAT 2, meaning everything is perfect.

    I recently had to move my ps3, so I do not have access to the Ethernet cable anymore.

    I try setting up the ps3 wireless to the internet, everything on easy and automatic. When i get to the end to test the connection: The first two steps succeed, but connect to PlayStation Network failed.

    How can this happen? I have not change any settings on the router. If the PS3 can connect with an Ethernet coming from the router, why can't it connect wireless. I would guess either way it should get the same settings from the router right?

    I tried giving the ps3 a static ip and putting it on the routers DMZ, but it still fails on playstation network. I also when to and follow the instructions there to forward the ports of the playstation network, but that does not work either. But now, if i was to connected wired to my router, it connects super fast without any problems. I don't know what to do anymore.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance:D
  • can anyone help please?

  • Wow i found the problem. I just changed my router's channel.
    That did the trick.

    Thanks anyways.
  • what channel did u move it to? im having the same problem. no matter what i do i get NAT failed even though everything else is fine
  • Hey leafgirl,

    Try changing your router to any other channel except the one you are currently using. If you have the same problem i had, that should fix it. I would not be able to give you any more details because i do not have a ps3 anymore, and i have a new router, with a total different setup on my network. Let me know if changing the channels helps, or if i can help you any other way.

  • how do you change the channel may i ask? because i have the same problem.
  • It varies on each router as to how you do it. Look for the SSID and it should be selectable via a drop down menu in most cases for channel selection.