Very weird hardware problems.
  • So about 4 months ago my PS3 was mostly being used a a backup for my photos. It would stay on while i organized them and generally didn't play games. I left it for a week and went to play Ninja Gaiden Sigma and it wouldn't load. That was the start of my problems.

    No error messages or anything. Just that little swirly icon in the top right just ever present.

    So what i did was i eventually got a blu ray lense for it. I fitted it and my PS3 WORKED. YAY. Unfortunately the NEXT DAY i had the same problem. WHAT THE HELL.

    I have tried cleaning the lense, any other things i can try?

    60GB original PAL PS3.
    For you guys, it's very similar to the 20GB launch PS3.
  • Oh come on guys i need your help.
  • To be honest, Micky, you may be best off contacting Sony and having them fix things up. There may well be some other things seriously amiss on the motherboard or disc drive.