My Messenger
  • And format it or something because it still shows it has 74 of 50 messages even thought its empty.

    Yes i have checked my sent items folder and its not that.I cant send PM's and i cant receive them.Its not fun.

    No Mad, its not that since i dont have any messages in my folder.It just tells me that I have 74 of 50 messages.

    Ok, it took a couple of tries but it worked.Thank you.
  • Hmmm... have you checked your sent messages folder? Messages in there also count towards to your total.

    On the other hand, my messanger is saying it's full, when it's only 74% full... something weird about that number!
  • Ok, if that's not the problem then try archiving your messages, eventhough you don't really have any. This should clear out the message folder. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I understand that you really don't have any messages but this should purge the messenger's system and make it so it shows as being empty.