• Whos gonna win,whose your favourite and many other questions cna be answered here.

    Basically i think that Finland has a good chance at winning this year.We have a stable team that has done well in the practice matches (against sweden:3-1 and 2-2 and against USA:4-2).We also have the home advantage.
  • Yea Finland's looking good this year, but since Forsberg and Sundin joined the Swedish team we're lookin gpretty good too.

    Tuesday Sweden take on Canada, we'll see how that ends.
  • I think one of the Sweeds Best player is Mats Sundin, but I say Canada will win!
  • With the Canucks duking it out with Minnesota it's tough to notice any other hockey out there . That was definitely a hefty addition to the Swedes though . Maybe Sundin can show up for this event .
  • I'll have to go with team Canada,but right now I'm focusing more on how the Canucks do.
  • Well the Swedes got whipped by the canadians, but we blame that on Sundin only taking the game as a warmup.

    But what on earth is wrong with that ice?
    Gabe you better get down there and talk to those in charge. We can't have these pools of water after every break!
  • Which city was that game in.
  • Your very own city Helsingfors I belive.
  • Originally posted by manneman@May 3 2003, 09:01 AM
    [b]Your very own city Helsingfors I belive.

    1.Im not from Helsinki

    2.I think they said before the game that they had some trouble with the cooling of the stadium.
  • [b]Were did I get that you're from helsinki from? Where ya from then gabe, not torne
  • [quote]Originally posted by manneman@May 4 2003, 07:07 AM
    [b] [b]Were did I get that you're from helsinki from? Where ya from then gabe, not torne
  • [b]Karleby eh?
    Not too far from Lule
  • I feel a little sorry for finland, but just a little
  • Even though the judging in that game was crap?

    Congratulations anyway.
  • Weres the good ole US go US :rebel: :clap:
  • I can agree that the ref made one blunder in not sending Forsberg out for two minutes after his roughing in the 3:rd period but still I think the ref did a pretty good job in keeping the game at the same level al through out the game.

    As for the good ole US, they didn't quite make it to the second round, making countries like Switzerland and German look like better ice hockey nations. :D