• ok im not a techy guy and iv never done this before so

    can any router work with any computer
    can a regularinternet cable be used to connect the router to my dsl
    can any headset beused or does it have to be bluetooth
    can any router work with the ps3

    plz answer i want wireless internet so i can go online with my games all the time:mellow: :mad:
  • If going with a wired connection then any router will work with a computer and you can easily connect to the router using ethernet cable (as long as you have the port freed up on it). As for the PS3, if going a wired connection then yes but if looking to go wireless I suggest getting an 802.11 G router. The wi-fi card inside the PS3 uses either that speed or the 802.11 B, which G routers can also do. You would have no advantage using an 802.11 N router for the PS3 because it would "dumb down" to the slower speed and, to be honest, can be a bit of trouble.

    As for headsets, you can use either USB or bluetooth on the PS3. I personally prefer bluetooth for it so that you aren't tied to the PS3 by a cord.
  • thanxs but can a d-link netgear or linkeys do
  • Yes, any of those brands will do. Personal choice for me is D-Link first then Linksys from past experience.
  • can i use somthing other than bluetooth as a good headset bought a linkeys by the way
  • Well, if you don't mind being tethered to the system somewhat a USB headset will do the trick as well.
  • somthing that hooks in the usb port in the controler right
  • No- it would have to plug into the USB port on the PS3 itself. There are no headsets that would work by plugging into the controller's mini USB port.