• I just got FF13 with enhanced PS3 programs.

    I have reached the Odin trap. I have tried to beat it 30 times now, so obviously I missed something.

    I have tried every combination of member roles, upgraded my weapons & accessories to level two, and advanced to level two for both team members in all available roles.

    I enter the field, load the two shrouds Aegisol and Fortisol. Then I either go through the nasty lightning comments or hit start - then select to go right to the fight.

    I have tried every paradigm listed simbosis to war and peace for healing, and slash & burn to dual castin, or yin and yang.

    I usually end the battle with both team members alive and well until the counter for Odin expires.

    at which time I am always killed and told to try again.

    then gestalt guage usually is fairly full-with the word gestalt squeezed very small; and the odin guage listing a number zero

    the chain guage is usually 100 +. It has risen as high as 349.

    I have set the battle time to slow and I at times like the last 29 times - said something like gee-golly whiz or similar.

    what am I doing wrong?:rolleyes: