• Hi

    I need some Smack Down 2 (Know your role) cheats
    Unlock all charecters and stuff would be helpfull


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  • :blink:
    sorry mate there is no cheats for smackdown 2
  • Oh right, Damn! :doh:

    thanks 4 telling me any way


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  • Ali,
    play through the season mode and you will unlock all the charechters after a year and a number of new outfits. It takes a heluva lot of time to unlock all the outfit and new moves :unsure:

    After six years in season mode, I been told everything becomes unlocked if you haven't done so already.
  • Thanks Digger.

    I nalready knew you had to work threw championchip mode to unlock everything but I didn't Know it was

    SIX YEARS!!!


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  • ali-g7,
    The season mode becomes so boring waiting for a match with one of the "unkowns" just to unlock a few costumes or new moves. I'm in the fifth year of season mode now but I'm getting sick of it :unsure: