no manuals included for ps1 games at psn store ?
  • just bought theme hospital and vagrant story, but both (very difficult) games have no manual. what should i do now? is this trouble with other ps1 games too?
  • hmm, isnt this a very basic question?
  • It is a basic question, yes, but bit hard to answer quickly if we're not on site at the time, isn't it? ;)

    One solution would be to contact the publishers to ask about replacement manuals. In most cases they would have no problems to send this if available. Of course, with both games not being available in stores for some time now it is less likely they would have them now.

    If these were purchased through the PlayStation Store on to the PSP or PS3 you can access a digital version of the manual. In the PS3's case just hold down the PS button and the manual should be among the options (they do this with all PSOne games on the store).