Worms World Party
  • :think:
    is there any cheats for worms world party plzz sum1 tell me if there is
  • There is only gameshark codes for this game if it helps here they are :rules:

    put in the code above, with the codes below put in the ?? part:

    have air strike: 7c

    Have aqua sheep: 74

    Have armageddon: e4

    Have Banana bomb: 34

    Have bat: 98

    Have battle axe: 38

    Have Bazooka: 18

    Have blowtorch: 8c

    Have Bungee: a4

    Have carpet bomb: d0

    Have cluster bomb: 30

    Have Donkey: dc

    Have dragonball: 54

    Have Earthquake: 3c


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