On Spider-Man (2001)
  • Can't seem to web swing after I get to the top to web swing to the crate.....................

    I can pass the two levels or so, of the helicopter chase, but as soon as I jump to the crate the chopper bombs me and I can't seem to web swing out of the situation. I'm just on top of the box that's about to fall or get to be missled.

    Please help,
  • On the crate is NOT where to go. Head to the building beside the tower and, from there, swing to a building you'll see to your upper left. Head across the bridge and you will see the police station.

    Run across the little bridge. Targets will come up on that, so quickly get off of there. If you think you are still going to be on it when the missile strikes, jump and swing to the next building. Jump up to the Pork and Donuts building.

    Once again that sign will be shot down with a missile. Run and jump and swing over to the next building. Get to the top. Your spider sense will tingle and the helicopter will pop up and shoot at you.

    Dodge the bullet and jump across to the next building. Spidey will say "almost there" and a few guards will pop out the room. Ignore them all and just jump and swing across to the next building where the level is over.

    The police will still be after you heading into the next level.