sony playstation help
  • How can I get my playstation to accept all codes? My son put one in and that is the only one my playstation will accept and I would like to change it. How?? I ask this before but did not get any answers. Please email me at shirley_choat [email][/email].
  • Usually it's the other way around with the parents setting the lock code and the kids wanting to get by it.

    Hit select on the system when you don't have a game in it and highlight the toolbox symbol then hit X. In here look for the Parental controls. You will need either the code he has set or use the over ride at this point (which should be 7444 or 0000). You should now be able to go in and turn this off completely, which will mean no more code required.
  • If my son set the lock he did not mean to, this is my game I play only and he is over 21, I am 70 and this is my passtime as I am in bad health and cannot do a lot. However you did not help me, this is just a playstation not a 1 0r 2 and there is no toolbox that comes up when a game is not in it, so cannot find the parental controls. Still need help.
  • If this is an original playstation then I honestly don't know what sort of codes you are talking about- it never did have the parental lock I thought you were thinking of originally (and this being the PlayStation 2 Hardware section that was what I was under the impression this is about).