PS3 Downloading Issues
  • Hey all,

    I am just trying to setup my PS3 and I seem to have run into some connection issues. Now first off I am connecting the PS3 via wireless to a wireless home network (The PS3 is connecting to an access point which is acting as a repeater . . .)

    The wireless signal strength according to the PS3 is around 60-65%, which is not great but the best I can achieve all the same due to the location of the repeater. I can connect to the wireless network just fine and the Internet Connection Test passes with flying colours. I can browse the web via the PS3 and the pages are nice and zippy to load.

    Problem is, I cannot seem to download anything to the actual PS3. I had to update the firmware via a media device because it would not download from the Internet from the console itself. Also, at the moment I am trying to update Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 but the download gets to around 54% (pretty quickly) and then dies and a download error is returned.

    Also, when I try and create a PSN account via the PS3 I get an error telling me that the PS3 network cannot be accessed.

    Anyone else have any ideas as to what could be causing the issue? I would have thought the 65% signal strength would have been decent enough . . . to at least let me download updates and the like.

    Cheers in advance for the help!
  • The signal strength you are getting is the reason- the minimal needed for any sort of steady connection should be in the 80s.

    Still one thing you can try is some port forwarding on the router. We have the ports listed in the top thread in this section.