legend of dragoon help
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    ive tried the MAX OUT Cheat listed below that states:

    when your just about to into the fight ( when the screen is falling ) you
    press square,x,triangle,o,R1,L1,R1+L1,R1+R2,L1+L2 then the next fight you
    get in to you'll have max level and weapons

    however nothing happens is there a way to make this work
  • Ahh Legend of Dragoons, what a great game. I never did beat it though, I think I made it all the way to the end of the fourth disc and then Final Fantasy X came out...

    Anyways, RPGs don't typically have button type cheat codes in them and I doubt the one you found is legit. If you wanted max stats your gonna have to use a gameshark. I would try that code anyways just to see, but my PS2 no longer plays psone games so I can't attempt the code for ya.