Output to Toshiba 51H83 DVI in problem
  • Hope someone can help with this issue. Sony online support has not given any suggestions other than to try an S-Video cable.

    My problem is that I have a Toshiba 51H83 TV that has a DVI/HDCP input but no HDMI. When I try to use the DVI input from the HDMI out of the PS3 I do not get a picture on the DVI input screen of the TV. This screen flashes a couple times like it is trying to display something but never does. I get output to the tv from the composite cable but I would like to display 1080i, especially when watching Blu-rays.

    I used a single link hdmi to DVI cable first. This cable worked fine between my Sony standalone Blu-ray player and my TV using DVI input, got a great 1080i picture. I also went out and bought a new HDMI cable and a dual-link HDMI to DVI adapter. Same result with the new cable setup.

    When I use one of my computer's LCD monitors I can get HDMI 1080p output to that using either cable setup to my DVI input on the computer monitor, just no hi-def display on the TV.

    Here is what I did. I unplugged both the tv and the ps3. Hooked up just the hdmi to dvi cable to the tv and the ps3. plugged them both in. Turned on the tv and set the input to dvi. turned on the ps3 until I heard two beeps. Got some screen flashed but never any video.

    Next I hooked up the ps3 to the rca jacks only and reset the ps3. Went into the video settings and checked only 480p (defaulted on) and 1080i. unchecked everything else. Turned off the ps3 and the tv. rehooked it up as above but simply turned on the p3s as normal. Same results..brief flashes on the screen, never any output.

    Also, reading the specs the TV supports the following:

    CrystalScan HDSC:

    CrystalScan HDSC
  • Does anyone have any other ideas I could try?
  • Ok, so I went out and bought a new Denon AVR-890 receiver and hooked up the PS3 HDMI to the receiver HDMI and the receiver HDMI to the TV DVI and IT WORKS! Now a new problem...I do not get audio output from the receiver when it is set up like this and I select HDMI audio in the PS3 settings. I get the message that this setup does not support HDMI audio or something like that. I get audio through the receiver if I hook up digital audio and change the PS3's audio settings to digital audio. Doing this though limits me to 5.1 surround and I don't get any of the newer audio formats that the receiver is supposed to support. Is there a way to make this work over HDMI to the receiver?
  • I don't think there is any way to get it to work, msuguy. The PS3 just won't support doing what you are looking for.
  • Probably not. At least I got the thing to output in 1080i with my tv finally. I can settle for 5.1 surround until I get a new tv.