Favorite Game On the Ps1
  • Just had a thought the other day, "What was my favorite game on the ps1?" Well I came up with an answer a little while later, Legends Of the Dragoon.
    So now I wonder, what was your favorite game?
  • I have a 2 way tie for favorite game. Metal gear solid and Resident evil.
  • For me it would have to be:

    Metal Gear Solid and Bust-A-Move
  • Bust-A-Move? Never heard of that game... then again, I wasn't that old back with the ps1. I only remember my favorite game because I was still playing a ps1 all the way through the ps2 era.
  • Legends of Dragoons is a great game. My favorite is probably Final Fantasy 8 (most people least favorite FF, but I love it).

    Honorable mentions:
    Gran Turismo 2 (I have logged a load of hours on this one)
    Chrono Cross
  • The only thing I regret is never finishing Legend Of Dragoon...
  • Hey everyone,

    Once, i had this game on my Ps1 (which was my favourite :P), but i can't remember the name of it anymore.

    It was a flight (shoot em up) game, where each level had a letter instead of a number.

    If anyone knows the name of this game, please tell me.