cannot connect to server
  • I have a PS3 and have previously been able to connct to PS Server via wireless internet. Last couple of days an error message comes up "An error occurred during the download operation. A connection to the server could not be established. (80710723). I went to SETTINGS, then NETWORK SETTINGS, then INTERNET CONNECTION SETTINGS. I selected EASY settings and WIRELESS and scanned WLAN for LINKSYS which showed a 52% signal strength. I selected NONE for security setting, and "X" to save settings. I tested the connection and it showed that I succeeded in obtaining an IP address and internet connection. I was informed that I needed a SYSTEM SOFTWARE UPDATE. I went to SETTINGS and SYSTEM UPDATE to UPDATE VIA INTERNET. It informed me that SOFTWARE VERSION 3.21 was needed so I AGREED TO USER AGREEMENT and began download. At 4% download, ERROR MESSAGE OCCURS. Can you help?
  • The main cause is that weak connection. 52% is a far cry from what you should have to get a steady download. Try to get your PS3 closer to the router or use a wired connection.

    Meantime, to get the update you can head over to Sony's site and download it on to a USB thumb drive or memory card. Then plug the drive/ put the memory card in a USB reader and plug into the USB port and update that way. You'll find full instructions on the download page.