• I have a blu-ray drive that is not working stopped reading cd's and stopped functioning. I took it to a local repair shop and they said the laser was bad and the controller board was bad. They told me the playstation was worthless now, that you could not replace the controller board. I do not 100%trust them. I have done some reasearch in the controller boards and you have to find one thats right with the motherboard the only number i have on the controller board is BDM-001. As long as i get this board will it work?

    I just need to know what to look for in the boards and the blu-ray drive i know how to disassemble and put it back together

    Thanks to anyone that can help
  • That number should be particular to the version of machine you have. I would suggest, when you find a place selling the items you need, contact their customer support and ask them what versions of PS3 the board you are looking at is for.

    It's possible you may be wasting time on this- quite a few I have seen posting about their repaired PS3s have said the systems have died again within weeks/ months. May be cheaper to get a new one in the long run.