can't connect to matchmaking server
  • I am stumped! When trying to play CODMW1 or 2 I can't connect to the matchmaking server to play online games. It can't be my internet connection, as I am able to play other games online such as COD world at war or NHL10.

    The screen gets stuck at online Status-Fetching playlists-updating ranks and unlocks-connecting to matchmaking server.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as this has been like this for 4 hours, and my other friends are able to play.

    For the record i have an older fat PS3, and a high speed cable connection to the internet through a wireless router. I have already powered down the modem and router and reset them to no avail.

  • The problem is in Activision's end, not yours. This is nothing new to be happening with them.