PSN connection problems
  • Hello!

    I currenly have an Acer Aspire one that i got from AT&T that has 3g internet connection (no internet card/ or router). I was under the unstanding that it should be simple to hook up my PSN. Just allow other network users to connect through this computers internet connection. But im not sure if sense i got the computer from AT&T that i can even use it like that. But on the other hand iv done all of that then simply hooked up and ethernet cord to the computer and PS3. For some reason everytime i do select the easy connection method it always tells me unable to find the ISP.

    If anybody could help me that would be great. Thanks.
  • Is the ethernet cable you used a normal "patch" cable or crossover? If memory serves, you need to use a cross over ethernet cable for the internet connection sharing.
  • Well im not exactly sure how to tell weather its a crossover or patch. Could you explain?
  • im having the same problem milkweed. im trying to get my ps3 online and its not accepting my ethernet cable i guess..but all i hear is try using switches and hubs or using the "crossover" ethernet cable. i didnt even know their were different kinds of ethernet cables hahaha.
  • When you are buying the cable it should have had the type specified on the package. Check the printing along the cable itself- it should say "patch" or "crossover' beside the 5e. Look along the entire length of the cable as it should be printed on there several times.