PS3 connect to internet through broadband connection
  • Hello, im trying to connect my ps3 to the internet through broadband, which i know is not the best but i read over and over that i need a ethernet cable and took all the steps necessary on my laptop to allow the connection on my ps3. the only thing is that my ethernet cable is not being read when im setting everything up under network settings on my ps3. do i need a different cable, (its a CAT 5)...or do i need to purchase the switches and hubs that i hear about also. and if i do need them, wat are they and where can i get them. help would be much appreciated, thank you!
  • it keeps telling me to connect an ethernet cable even though i have one connected, and ive tried 3 seperate cables and i still get the same thing!
  • Beat, when you say you are trying to connect via "broadband", what exactly do you mean. Any sort of internet connection that is faster than dial up is considered "broadband". Is your connection cable or DSL?
  • its a usb mobile broadband
  • Ok. Well, there are some (such as the Sprint USB cards) that just will not work no matter what you do. Also, if you don't have unlimited data with that plan you could run into hefty bills quickly.

    However, you can give this a try. First open your Network Connections on your laptop. You will see the modem, ignore this for now. Further down you will see 2 ethernet connections, Local are connection, and 1394 connection. Right click one of these and Bridge the connection. Then open the properties of your modem and under Advanced click on "internet connection sharing". Install your ethernet cable from the back of your computer directly to the PS3. On your PS3 network settings search for the new connection. On testing it should work and you'll be online. Sometimes you may get a DNS error- keep retrying and if no luck, restart your pc, connect your service and you should be good to go.

    If that doesn't do the trick you may want to do a Google search for your particular model of usb modem along with PlayStation 3.
  • i guess i need a "crossover" ethernet cable because the ones ive been trying to use are "patch" cables..what is the difference between the two by the way?
  • im right clicking and trying to bridge but i get an alert that reads "to create a network bridge, u must select at least 2 LAN or hi speed connections that are not being used by internet connection sharing." how do i select 2 connections at the same time and bridge them?