• Helo there,

    I just bought my 250 GB PS3 yesterday and I'm having problems connecting to the internet. I have read most everything here and some of it sounds the same as the problem I am having but it is a little different. Everything is fine untill I get to the connection test. My PS3 obtains the IP address just fine but times out on the internet connection test and gives me the error code 80710092. Can you help me with this? :confused: :confused:
  • Sounds like you'll need to go through and double check the information you put in the PS3 for the connection. That error means it cannot get on the internet at all.

    If connecting through a router go into its settings and find some of the key information (router's ip address, subnet mask, dns servers) and put this in the PS3's settings instead of relying on the Easy set up.
  • Thanks,I found the problem. I went back and manually input everything. It was a big pain to find it all but I accomplished it and am now connected.

    Thanks again for your help and quick reply.