Forgot Password Help
  • I need to change the billing information on my account but i forgot my password years ago. Unfortunately there is no button that i can click to get an email sent to me so right now i cant change the password so i cant change the billing information so i cant spend money at the playstation store. If there is no way to change the password is there at least away to just enter new credit card details as im purchasing the product? Thanks for any help i can get.
  • You will need to get that password remembered in order to get into the section that has your billing info. You used to be able to log out from your name in the Friends menu so that one could log in manually and you'd have a "forgot password" button there. Looks like they took that away in past updates, however.

    You may have to call Sony's customer service so that they can take care of a password reset on their end after they do a bit of extra verifying using your secret question and birth date.