PS3 FIFA 09 Issue
  • I have this weird problem where the player in FIFA09 whenever receiving a pass just triggers a move to the right, which would mean an attacking player triggers a run to his opponents goal when his team plays from left to right and he goes to his own goal when he plays from right to left. I tried restoring to the defualt settings. I also even tried reinstalling the game. Neither works. Could you solve this for me?
  • That sounds like the typical reactions programmed in and not any sort of setting in the game itself.
  • So what should i do abt this whole thing....even in the practise arena the player is faced to the right and ready to run to the right and not there something i can do abt the ganme corrupt or is mny PS3 console corrupt?
  • There is nothing corrupt. It's possible the controller may be the issue as well. Have you tried with a different controller?