black box in screen when playing blu rays.. help??
  • hey everybody, i just got a ps3 slim 2 days ago and everything has been great with the games but i just went to put in a blu ray and right when it loads up from the home screen a box about half the size of the screen within the screen pops up and cant figure of for the life of me how to get rid of it. i have to turn off the consol and take out the blu ray and it goes back to perfect picture... i dont have a hgi hdef tv its a rca 36" flat screen projection... please if anyone knows whats going on i could really use some help
    thx, john
  • Hi there. How are you connecting to the TV? Composite or Component? Also, what is the resolution that you selected on the PS3? I had something similar happen to me when I connected my laptop to my projection tv and tried to play a blu-ray. The little black box was actually the laptop trying to play a movie inside it at a different resolution.
  • im connecting the ps3 through the component cords u know the white yellow and red ones, i still havent figured this out, even when i play normal dvds through the ps3 i still get that black screen within the screen. i selected the 480 p for resolution, but im pritty illirerate when it comes to this high def stuff and settings. if u can think of anything else it may be then it would sure help man
  • The problem may actually be the tv (even if it is a name brand like RCA). I had this sort of thing happen to me occasionally with a set I used to use (32' LCD) and a quick change back and forth of the inputs on the TV would clear it out.

    The cables you have with the system are actually composite, not component. The yellow is video while the red and white handle the audio. You might want to pick up an inexpensive set of component cables (or better yet, HDMI if your tv can take it) and hook up that way. I'm honestly thinking it would be a tv upgrade otherwise.